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Most of us spend a vast majority of our time indoors; and, since indoor air is often dirtier than outdoor air, it's very important to consider air quality within your home. At Cool Today, we are committed to providing clean, breathable air to ensure your whole family’s health.

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What is in my air?

There are more pollutants in your air than you might think. From bacteria, germs, and viruses to dangerous chemicals and particles, there is much to be cautious of in your home. Don’t forget about other pesky pollutants like dust, dirt, mold, mildew, pet dander, and pollen.

Do UV lights kill COVID-19?

UV light has not been shown to prevent COVID-19 infection in humans or to kill the virus in infected patients. However, UV light does kill bacteria and mold on the surfaces of the coil in the indoor unit. Keeping that coil clean helps reduce exposure to the air handler and your airstream.

How do I protect my home from COVID-19?

The best way to protect your home from COVID-19 is to start with a clean system and add ventilation (outside air) to reduce any viral load in the home. This is how hospitals function but note it will increase the heat load on your A/C system. Duct cleaning and sanitization is another precautionary measure that will limit the spread of Coronavirus in a home as well as blow stronger, cleaner air through your ducts.

Why do I have so much dust in my home?

If you see dust on your furniture even though you just wiped it down, you’re not alone! Dust is the combination of dirt, fibers, pollen, pet dander, and other pollutants. Cheap or dirty air filters let dust & pollutants through easily and are generally a sign that your ducts may need to be cleaned. Length of time in your home and the last time you received ductwork can be key indicators on whether you need a quick air filter change or a full duct cleaning and sanitization.

​UltraViolet Lights

Health: According to the American College of Allergists, 50% of illnesses (such as colds and flu, allergies, and asthma) are caused or aggravated by mold, mildew, bacteria, and fungi.

Comfort: Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy a home free of odors that are caused by the growth of mold and mildew in your heating and cooling system.

Equipment Protection: The accumulation of mold and mildew in your heating and cooling system makes it work harder and longer. This can lead to untimely repairs as well as the need to replace your system long before you should have to.

Energy Savings: A Whole-Home UV Germicidal Lamp allows your home comfort system to run less often, for shorter periods of time, and at peak efficiency. This saves you money on your utility bills.

Whole-Home Air Cleaners

Health: Create a cleaner, healthier indoor environment for you and your family.

Efficiency: An air cleaner installation is up to 99% efficient on small particles up to 10 microns, making it a core reason it is recommended by doctors and allergists.

Equipment Protection: Protects the efficiency and reliability of your home comfort system components by adding an air cleaner into the mix. It will even help extend the life of your current HVAC system!

Duct Cleaning & Sanitization

Health: Duct cleaning lowers the likelihood of respiratory and allergy-related problems.

Savings: Experience fewer expensive repairs from wear & tear resulting in a longer life for your HVAC system. You can even reduce your energy bills!

Cleanliness: Less dust will end up in your air and off your furniture!

Efficiency: Experience a better and more reliable performance for your HVAC system.

Air Filters

Health: New air filters create a cleaner, healthier indoor environment and are recommended by doctors and allergists.

Savings: This is an economic alternative to an electronic air cleaner.

Efficiency: Clean air filters are up to 83% efficient on small particles up to 10 microns

Equipment Protection: New air filters can extend the life of core comfort system components

We find that 44% of our service calls are a result of lack of maintenance or timely filter replacement by the homeowner. So we've partnered with Direct Solutions to create an online filter store. With it, we give you:

● Wholesales pricing for filters

● Automatic filter refills and reminders

● Easy online checkout

● Access to other products (like water and vacuum filters)

Plus, we back all purchases with a money-back and replacement guarantee!

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After we provide the necessary services for your home, you can start to reap the benefits of clean indoor air quality! We’ll make sure you have the opportunity to let us know how we did.

Cost of an UltraViolet Light Installation

  • Low: $295
  • Average: $1,112
  • High: $1,930

Cost of a Whole-Home Air Cleaner Installation

  • Low $495
  • Average: $1,497
  • High $2,500

Cost of a Duct Cleaning & Sanitization

  • Low: $350
  • Average: $825
  • High: $1,300

Cost of an Air Filter Replacement

  • Low: $15
  • Average: $307
  • High $600
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