Ductless Mini-Split Installation in Sarasota

Finally – Comfort Without Compromise for Your Sarasota Home

Are you constantly adjusting the thermostat on your heating and cooling system in order to achieve a balance of cost and comfort? Put an end to this battle once and for all with a Mitsubishi ductless mini-split system.

Perfect temperatures in every room

Just imagine – no more hot and cold spots. A Mitsubishi ductless air conditioner gives you precise control of individual rooms, eliminating problem areas in your Florida home.

Save money without sacrificing comfort

You only use a few rooms of your home for most of the day. So why pay to heat and cool the rest of them? A ductless minisplit HVAC system allows you to turn up the main thermostat while maintaining your optimum temperature in the rooms you actually use.

Cut your energy use and help the environment

Individual control of the temperature in your rooms allows you to eliminate the energy waste of cooling or heating rooms you are not using. And with energy efficient SEER ratings of up to 26, the environment and your wallet will thank you.

Breathe cleaner, healthier air

It’s a fact: the air quality inside most Florida homes is worse than the air outside. The Mitsubishi ductless heat pump mini-split system uses a cutting-edge multi-part filter system that removes common indoor air pollutants.

Simple, Unobtrusive Installation

As the name implies, the Mitsubishi ductless mini-split air conditioning system requires no burdensome ductwork. It can be installed in about a day, with no mess or expensive remodeling costs.

Technology that fits your changing life

Adding on to your Sarasota or surrounding area Florida home? Converting a garage into a living space? Finishing your basement or attic? However your home changes, Mitsubishi ductless mini-split heat pump systems offer the flexibility, ease of installation and energy efficiency you desire.

Peace of mind with an exclusive 7-year warranty

As one of the few Diamond Contractors in the Sarasota, Florida area, your Mitsubishi ductless mini-split air conditioner will come with an exclusive 7-year parts warranty.

Customer Review
"I was very pleased with the installation and crew from Cool Today. They were very professional and finished the job timely." - Don