Air Filters

Cool Today’s filter store

We find that 44% of our service calls are a result of lack of maintenance or timely filter replacement by the homeowner. So we've partnered with Direct Solutions to create an online filter store. With it, we give you:

  • Wholesales pricing for filters
  • Automatic filter refills and reminders
  • Easy online checkout
  • Access to other products (like water and vacuum filters)

Plus, we back all purchases with a money back and replacement guarantee

Filter terms

MERV = Media Efficiency Rating Value. Filters with a MERV rating of 8 or higher are very efficient at filtering out smaller indoor pollutants like mold spores.

Width = Wider filters provide more surface area, allowing your air conditioning system to breathe more. Be careful of High MERV filters that are only 1” thick. These filters could restrict your system and harm major components.

Electrostatic = This filter uses a negatively charged screen to attract particulates to the filter. Usually this filter can and should be rinsed monthly. Otherwise the homeowner risks “restricting” their system from breathing.

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