Get up to $2000 tax credit on select AC systems! Call now to learn more.

Get up to $2000 tax credit on select AC systems! Call now to learn more.

Get up to $2000 tax credit on select AC systems! Call now to learn more.

19 Ways You Can Save Green by Going Green with CoolToday

March 12, 2012

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up this weekend and people donning their best green apparel, we decided to outline a few ways you can go green in a different way and save some green in the process.

Our plumbing, electrical and air conditioning experts have come up with 19 ways to increase your home’s efficiency and reduce your energy consumption by going green.

  1. Plug air leaks – Look around the house for anywhere air could be escaping your home. Seal around outside electric panels, plumbing and wall joints.
  2. Change your air filter – A dirty air filter restricts airflow and causes your heating and cooling system to have to work harder than necessary.
  3. Get an A/C tune-up – The Florida summer isn’t far away. Keep your air conditioner running efficiently with an annual tune-up. Schedule one online today.
  4. Use a programmable thermostat – A programmable thermostat allows you to maximize the efficiency of your system by only running it when you need it.
  5. Get a dehumidifier – A dehumidifier will help you feel cooler at warmer temperatures, allowing you to lower your thermostat setting and remain comfortable this coming summer.
  6. Have a company evaluate your duct system - According to energy experts, ductwork in Florida has an average leak rate of up to 20%. Have a certified contractor test your system.
  7. Have your insulation evaluated - In Florida, attics absorb heat, if your insulation is not effective, your energy bills could be SIGNIFICANTLY higher. Have a certified insulation contractor verify your attic's insulation rating.
  8. Upgrade your lighting – If you are still using traditional incandescent light bulbs, upgrade to more energy-efficient Compact Fluorescents (CFL’s) or LED’s.
  9. Install ceiling fans – Ceiling fans help you feel cooler, so you can set your thermostat a few degrees warmer and still be comfortable.
  10. Turn off your computer at night – Instead of putting it in sleep mode, turn your computer off. You will reduce energy consumption and it is better for your computer.
  11. Unplug vampire appliances – Some electric appliances such as TV’s and computers use energy even when turned off. Unplug them or use a power strip that you can easily turn off when not in use.
  12. Turn off lights – Instead of leaving all the lights in your home on, turn on only the one you need and turn it off when you leave the room.
  13. Wash clothes in cold water – Whenever possible, wash your clothes in cold water. 85% of the energy used to wash clothes goes to heating the water.
  14. Only run full loads – The dishwasher and washing machine should only be run with full loads to maximize their energy efficiency.
  15. Ditch the bath for a shower – Baths use much more hot water than showers.
  16. Shorten your shower – Every minute, you use about 5 gallons of water. It may not seem like much, but a minute shorter shower every day adds up.
  17. Go solar – Harness the power of the sun and reduce or even eliminate your reliance on the power company with solar energy.
  18. Consider a geothermal system – Geothermal systems use the ground as a heat transfer source, reducing energy consumption year-round.
  19. Upgrade to a tankless water heaterTankless water heaters are more energy efficient than traditional water heaters because there is no standby heat loss.

Cool Today, Energy Today and Plumbing Today are southwestern Florida’s premier heating, cooling, electrical and plumbing experts. Give us a call at 800-226-2636 or contact us online for more information on ways to go green.

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