Get up to $2000 tax credit on select AC systems! Call now to learn more.

Get up to $2000 tax credit on select AC systems! Call now to learn more.

Get up to $2000 tax credit on select AC systems! Call now to learn more.

Love Is In the Air: This Temperature Puts You In the Mood (for Romantic Movies)

January 24, 2018

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. And whether you’ll be at home alone watching television or you have a hot date, you’re about to get bombarded with all kinds of classic romantic flicks.

Not prepared? We’ve got a cool trick for you: Just head to the thermostat and lower your home’s temperature.

Why? Well, apparently, colder temperatures makes us more likely to want to watch romantic movies.

Yeah, we thought it was crazy too when we heard it. But there’s actually some impressive science to back this claim up. Let’s take a look…

Cold temperatures make us crave warmth

Okay, we know what you’re thinking: “Well, duh. Tell me something I don’t know.”

But as obvious as it sounds, this simple fact is exactly where a pair of professors started their research. They decided to take this idea one step further and hypothesized that when we feel cold, our preference for romantic movies increases.

Quite the presumptuous jump, right? Well, not really.

Think about it: being in love/romantic feelings have the following physical effects on our body:

  • Sweaty palms
  • Increased heart palpitations
  • Accelerated breathing

...and, as it turns out, these bodily reactions are very close to those produced by physical warmth.

Thus, the underlying connection: when we’re cold, we crave romantic movies because we associate them with physical warmth.

The researchers performed a number of social experiments to validate this hypothesis. For example, one study split participants into two rooms: a “cold” room and a “normal” room. They found that when participants were seated in the colder room, they were more likely to choose romance movies over movies from other genres.

Test it out for yourself…

If you’re not exactly thrilled to end the night watching your partner’s favorite chick flicks, just try lowering the thermostat to anywhere from 62° to 68° (whatever makes you feel a little chilly).

Doing so will set the stage for some Valentine’s Day snuggling and less complaining about the movie choices—a win-win, right?

But if you want to go pro level with the thermostat adjustments, consider upgrading to a programmable thermostat.

Why? Well, a programmable thermostat allows you to program preset schedules into the device. Which means, you can set the thermostat to lower at a specific time automatically (perhaps around 8pm after a nice dinner out), so that way you don’t have to interrupt your date by tinkering with the thermostat.

And the best part? If you program your thermostat correctly, you could save up to $180 every year on your monthly utility bills.

Learn more about how to get the most savings out of a programmable thermostat by reading our blog, “Save $180 This Year by Setting Your Thermostat Like This”.

Have more programmable thermostat questions?

Just contact us.

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