Get up to $2000 tax credit on select AC systems! Call now to learn more.

Get up to $2000 tax credit on select AC systems! Call now to learn more.

Get up to $2000 tax credit on select AC systems! Call now to learn more.

How to Reduce Attic Heat in Your Home

When it's summer in Florida, that means one thing: it's hot. And, all that heat is seeping through your roof and into your attic or crawlspace. This increases the burden on your air conditioner, making it work harder and making it more expensive to keep your house cool.

Fortunately, there are a number of steps you can take to reduce attic heat and lower your power bills at the same time:

4 Ways to Reduce Attic Heat in Your Home

  • Seal spaces around plumbing, recessed lights and vents. Your attic can get as hot as 150 degrees in the summer. Keep that super heated air from seeping into your living space. Properly sealing these leaks can save as much as 10% every month on your power bill.
  • Install adequate insulation. Start by examining the insulation that is already in your attic. Attic insulation can come in a number of forms, such as loose-fill or blanket insulation. Its heat-blocking value is measured in what is known as its R-value. The higher that number, the better the insulation is at blocking heat. If you go the DIY route, be careful when handling fiberglass insulation. The Department of Energy's Energy Saver site has information on the best choices for your home.
  • Install gable vents. Gable vents allow the hot air in your attic to escape, leading to cooler temperatures overall. If you are handy, the parts can be picked up inexpensively at any home improvement store. A qualified contractor can also install them for you.
  • Get an attic fan, and have it serviced regularly. Attic fans blow hot air out to cool your home, meaning that your air conditioning unit does not have to work as hard. This not only prevents wear and tear, it lowers your power bills every month. We offer attic fan installation, inspection and servicing to make sure that your fans are doing their job.

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