Get up to $2000 tax credit on select AC systems! Call now to learn more.

Get up to $2000 tax credit on select AC systems! Call now to learn more.

Get up to $2000 tax credit on select AC systems! Call now to learn more.

4 Things You Do Every Day That Keep Your AC Bills High

June 03, 2015

Tired of super high electric bills during the summer? You might be the cause.

Here are the top 4 things Florida homeowners do that lead to high air conditioning bills.

1) Cooking inside

There’s nothing like a home cooked meal. But using the oven and stove in your home introduces more heat into your home.

Since your air conditioner works by removing heat from your home, the more heat you put in your home, the more it has to work. And the more it works, the higher your AC bill.

Do this instead: Here are 3 things you can do to minimize this problem:

2) Using your clothes dryer

Just like your oven and stove, when you use your dryer, you’re introducing more heat into your home. This raises your AC bills.

Do this instead: When the weather permits, hang dry your clothes. Not only does this save on your energy bills, but your clothes will also last longer.

3) Opening all the blinds

Another way heat can make its way into your home is through your windows. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that blinds can reduce the heat gain into your home by up to 45%!

Yet most of us leave our blinds open all day, every day, even while we’re away from home.

Do this instead: Close ‘em! If you’re at home during the day and want some sunlight, at least try to keep any west and south facing windows covered.

4) Leaving the thermostat at the same setting all day

Are you gone for 8 hours a day or more? If so, leaving your thermostat at the same setting all day can cost you some serious cash ($180/year, according to estimates by

Do this instead: Use a programmable thermostat that automatically raises the temperature when you leave and cools it back off before you get home. Learn more about the benefits of a programmable thermostat.

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