Orlando Heat Pump Repair

Troubles with your heat pump? You need an HVAC expert you can count on. For over 50 years, we've strived to provide nothing less than world-class HVAC service. The result? Loyal, lifelong customers who come to us for all of their heating and cooling needs. At Cool Today, you'll get a heat pump repair from HVAC technicians who are proud of the honest work they do.

Signs your heat pump needs repair

Your heat pump probably needs a repair if it:

  • Won't turn on at all. Did a breaker trip? If not, the problem is most likely the thermostat.
  • Is making an odd sound. A strange noise from your heat pump could indicate any number of problems. But some of the most common are a subtle gurgling or hissing sound, which often means a refrigerant leak, and a grinding noise, which usually means a problem with the air handler.
  • Has weak airflow. If the air coming out of your vents is weaker than normal, that could mean several problems, but more often than not the issue is the air handler fan belt or motor.
  • Is leaking water. Is water pooling around your unit? That normally means your condensate line (the drain pipe that removes condensation from your unit) is clogged.
  • Keeps turning on and off. Heat pumps should run slow and steady. If yours is turning on and off every few minutes, that could mean issues with airflow or the thermostat. The problem could also be an oversized unit that's short cycling, in which case you're better off replacing your unit.

Our heat pump repair process

1) You schedule your appointment

Call or schedule your appointment online.

2) We repair your heat pump

One of our expert HVAC technicians will come to your Orlando area home to figure out why your heat pump isn't working. After explaining the problem, they'll give you the best repair options (with upfront pricing) for your system.

3) We make sure you're comfortable

After repairing your heat pump, we'll make sure you have the chance to bring up any problems you had with our service. If it wasn't world-class, we want to know what happened.

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